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We are not a common carrier, do not accept any liability as a common carrier and may refuse to provide services to you or a vehicle for any reason.

We rely on the details supplied by you to us, but we do not admit their accuracy or completeness and our signature on the contractor vehicle condition report is only an acknowledgement that we have picked up or received the vehicle.
Our services commence when we, or our agent, pick up or accept the vehicle, and we earn our charges then.
We contract as agent and trustee for our employees, agents and subcontractors, so they also have the benefit of the contract and these conditions (including any exclusions or limitations of liability we have) to the same extent as us and as if they were parties to it.

Interstate Car Carriers facilitate the transport of vehicles between any two places located anywhere in Australia using contracted carriers.

Vehicle transit times are provided by the individual contracted carriers and are estimates based on previous weeks performance. Transit times may vary due to peak periods, acts of nature and backlogs etc. Estimated transit times are calculated from the day the vehicle is collected or dropped off to our depot.

When a vehicle is booked as a door collection or delivery, due to the access to some locations, we will not always be able to get our cars right up to the actual address. In these cases, we will either get as close as we can or arrange a “call to meet the driver” point. This will usually be a car dealership or service station that has the required access for our vehicles. You will be required to get the car to this point at the time necessary.

This may also include rural depots in WA and NT. We try to give as much notice as possible for door collections, and this will vary from place to place especially rural areas where drivers are just passing through or delivering to dealerships in town. You may be required to meet the truck at the dealership or a convenient point at short notice.

Damage To Vehicles

Please see the quote for what level of liability is provided by a carrier.

Our Position

By using this site you agree that we are acting as an agent on your behalf to obtain the best possible price and service they can, you understand that we do not directly transport the vehicle themselves.

You agree that responsibility of transporting of your vehicle lies with an agreed carrier, and you agree to carriers terms and conditions and that if any damage occurs you understand that the carrier themselves will deal with this for you

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about the matters above, please contact us directly by e-mail via our contact page

Conditions of Transport

While we can assist with cars and light commercials that are not registered, all vehicles must comply with the following conditions.

In a drivable roadworthy condition, no damage

Have clearance of 6 inches / 150 mm

Must be below 1.90m to be classed as standard height, we can still move higher vehicles, but extra charges may apply depending on route to be moved

In any situation that dimensions of the vehicle are required, they are to be taken from the furthest points. (top of roof racks/edge of mirrors *folded in*/bullbar/towball etc)

Have functioning brakes and handbrakes

Be able to start and run without a jump start

Unless prearranged and confirmed in writing vehicles must not exceed our weight restrictions of 3 tonnes.


Vehicles must be empty of goods unless you have selected the ‘Goods in Car’ option. Please note: Goods in the car is limited to between 60 and 80Kg, this will be confirmed at time of booking
Goods must not block any windows, and nothing can be placed on the floor behind the driver’s seat or either of the front seats.
No legal liability is accepted for loss or damage to the goods or the vehicle as a result of the goods being in it.


If you have not booked a “Goods in car” Service, then the following items may travel with the vehicle without extra charge

Spare tyre, jack and usual tools associated with the car
Baby Seats and Booster Seats must be fitted not loose

Collection From Auctions

Any vehicle collected from auction yards or online auction houses will not be covered under any warranty. Auction houses do not sign consignment notes and consignments will be checked by the first available depot location for damage.

Transit Times

Transit times are always an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed; please be aware of this
Any estimated given are business days and do not include weekends or public holidays
Please note that transit times can vary due to Peak or Seasonal periods, acts of nature and backlogs.
Transit times may be Longer or shorter depending on different circumstances.
Interstate Car Transport or its contracted car carriers will not be responsible for excess transit times.
We recommend that you do not plan meetings, trips or holidays and so on using the estimated transit times.
We can not at any stage ever guarantee delivery times or dates and please always note that all transit times given are only estimated.

Collection of Vehicles

If your vehicle is not being collected from a metropolitan area, IE a Capital City, then occasionally we may need a little flexibility as most non-capital pickups are collected by interstate vehicles

Adjustments to bookings.

Once a booking has been confirmed and sent to you, any adjustment made may incur an admin fee that causes the price to increase beyond the difference of the originally quoted figures.

Cancellations, changes and adjustments

All cancellation needs to be in writing; we will not cancel a booking via a phone call

Booking cancellations attract a minimum cancellation fee of $150 + GST. Bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the collection may not be refunded at all.

Further charges may also apply for futile collections, delays at collection/delivery points or cars deemed as not drivable on arrival.

Changes to bookings can be made; however, if a vehicle is scheduled administration charges will apply and charged at a minimum of $100+GST. Refunds will only be issued at the discretion of the manager.

If the vehicle has been collected and a space allocated on a truck for it, and you then decide to cancel for whatever then the carrier may withhold the entire amount of transport costs, as they will not be able to rebook that space

Once a car is in transit, any changes made to the type of transport will incur admin charges, and this can amount to the whole saving made. EG you decide to collect from a depot, as opposed to having the car delivered, there will be no refund in the difference in price, as in most cases this amounts to the same costs as admin charges incurred in changing the booking


Please note that as per WA Quarantine legislation – If your vehicle is travelling in WA your vehicle may be subject to an Inspection. If the vehicle is found to be contaminated and does not pass Quarantine Inspection, you will incur a minimum cleaners charge of approx $130. Once your vehicle has been cleaned an Inspector will make extra inspection and will incur additional charges. These funds are payable to the car carrier not Moving Cars, as the car carrier directly pays WA Quarantine.

Storage of Vehicles

Storage fees for cars left in depot longer than two days once it has arrived into the depot –
Please note that some car carriers charge
— $55.00 per day (all inclusive) for any time after two working days.
If in doubt, please call us and ask


As these depots are not under our direct control their opening times are subject to change, and the exact opening times are sent to you at time of booking confirmation.

From time to time some depots are not always available, due to capacity or some other issue but we will confirm the correct depot address and contact numbers when confirming transport

SMB Australia Depots at Darwin and Alice Springs only

Please note that vehicles located at SMB Darwin or Alice Springs Depots are not covered by insurance.
We do take all precautions to ensure the safety of the vehicles, but due to factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the security of the vehicles stored at either of these depots.
We strongly recommend you obtain your insurance to cover any loss or damage during storage or transportation.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Payment Processing Fees

A Payment Processing Fee will be charged for services provided using a credit card.

With payments made MasterCard, Visa, or  Amex a 2% surcharge applies