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Vehicle Transport FAQ

If you are looking for answers to some of the most commonly searched questions then please see below

  • What types of vehicles can you move?

    All types of cars, trucks, boats, caravans, trailers and motor homes

  • Do Transporters offer insurance with the service

    A. Some of our carriers offer full insurance, others provide a warranty that if they damage your vehicle, they will fix or pay for it to be fixed.

  • Can we leave personal items in my vehicle during transport?

    On almost all quotes we do offer options of leaving goods in the car, though there may be some restrictions.

  • Why do i receive such a huge variance in price on some quotes?

    The prices we quote are from many carriers, all offering a varying degree of service and availability. This is why we show you all options so you can make an informed choice.

  • Does my vehicle need to be registered to be transported?

    No, we will require last 6 digits of your VIN when booking if plates are no longer on the vehicle though

  • Do i get a discount if i transport more than one vehicle?

    Yes we can offer discounts on multi vehicle transport

  • Is there anything i need to do to have my car ready to be transported

    The transport company will need you to do a few things before your car is picked up. This will include getting the car’s exterior cleaned, removing personal valuables from the car, making sure the fuel tank is only a quarter full.

  • What is a condition report?

    A condition report should be carried out by your chosen transporter at the time of collection of your vehicle, a copy presented to you or your agent and then said report checked at delivery for any discrepancies

  • Do you offer enclosed transport?

    This is a service we can provide, this is often a lot more expensive than the standard service, just reply to your quote if you would like to know more about enclosed services

  • How Much Notice do you require to make a booking

    Ideally we would like at least 48 hours, but if its a depot to depot service you can book in the morning, pay and take your vehicle to the depot in the afternoon in most cases