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Interstate Car Transport By Train

It can be a confusing process the first time you want to ship a car across the country. There are a variety of modes of transport available. Train, truck, ship all have their ups and downs, and so it is essential to find one which matches your needs.

The Australian continent is massive, and if you’re looking to move your car from one side to the other, it will take considerable time and effort on your side to do so. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available and many reputable service providers to choose from when transporting your car interstate.

There are many reasons for needing to transport a vehicle across the states of Australia. For one, purchasing a car online, or from a reputable retailer in a major city, means that you’ll likely be some distance away from where to collect. Another reason for needing to transport a car interstate is because of relocation. If you are moving homes, it can be a burden to drive your car yourself across the country, while dealing with everything else.

Why should I use a transport company?

Besides the time and effort needed to drive the vehicle interstate yourself, there are more reasons why you should opt for a professional transport provider. With driving the car, you will accumulate additional mileage to the odometer, which decreases the value of your vehicle.

The long road will also wear out your wheels and tread. You will also be required to top up on gas, check oil, regularly stop for breaks, and risk the possibility of congestion, accidents, and road damage.

What type of car transport mode should I use?

If you choose to use interstate car transport by rail, you’ll most likely pay less than using a truck or ship. This is because fuel prices continue to rise, forcing truck companies to charge an increased premium.  However, with train transport, you will most likely need to use another mode of transportation before and after to get your car to and from the rail station.

Moving your vehicle by truck, however, means a more extensive selection of routes and locations. Train lines are limited to most major cities or particular stations along the way. This means that if you do transport your vehicle interstate using rail, you will need to be willing to collect it from the station or live close enough to the route.

Why should Interstate Car Transport By Train be better?

The train lines of Australia are very effective and have an almost perfect uptime. With railroad transportation, you can rest assured that the delivery of any goods, will arrive on time and safely. This is because the rail runs on a dedicated line, and will not experience any traffic or delays like road transport might.

Car transport by train is a popular option for Australians. Often, you will be able to ship other things on the same train, while accommodating your vehicle along the route. This allows you to relax, ensure your car is safe, and quickly drive off when you arrive at your destination. For those shipping the car via train without accompanying it, the option is still reliable. You can schedule a pickup time and communicate with the company about how you wish to collect.

For those who want absolute certainty in terms of the safety and protection of their vehicle, you can choose to store it within a container. The car will be loaded into its container before being placed onto the train. The car is fastened secured in the centre of each container which means there’s very little chance for it to slip around. This will significantly reduce the risk of any damages. Another benefit to this is you can ship other items within the container to your chosen destination.

Important factors to consider when choosing to transport your car interstate:


Although not the sole factor to look at when determining which provider to go with, the price of the service is something to keep in mind. Do your research and compare prices of similar transport companies to identify what the going rate is for transporting a vehicle.

The price is typically subject to availability, distance, location, car make and model, and condition of the vehicle. When transporting your car by rail, you will be charged a passenger fare separately. You can also choose from an open or closed carrier.

Most companies have a nifty feature or quote form on their website that’ll calculate an estimated price for your chosen model and location. You can also contact the company directly to get a custom quote.


By choosing a reputable company, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in good hands. Online reviews and public feedback about the company is good indication as to their service offering. Use reviews to help determine whether the company can be trusted and whether customers have been satisfied with the service delivered.

Delivery period

Regardless of whether you are pressed for time or not, you do not want to wait months for your car to be delivered. And if you do need the car to reach its destination in a particular time frame, then picking a provider that can do so is an essential factor. Usually, a car transport company will mention a date range in which to expect the car. This includes the shortest and longest number of days to delivery. An example would be “between 2 – 8 days”.

Terms and conditions

Some rail services have weight and size restrictions on vehicles and the goods within. It is essential to be aware of these before packing the car with personal belongings.

Before proceeding with a booking, ensure that the company is licensed and insured. If you transport your vehicle with a company that is not registered or does not have an insurance policy in place, you risk not being able to claim for any damages. Take the time to review the conditions of service and see where you’ll be covered in case of an incident.