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Interstate Car Transport with Personal Items Allowed

Are you planning interstate car transport with items?

It is relaxed and hassle-free. All you need to execute is to find a trusted and reputable interstate vehicle transport service that allows vehicle transportation with personal items inside the vehicle. You will have to pack your car and, the company will transport your vehicle to your destination.

You can not keep dangerous goods in your vehicle. Hazardous materials include fuel, fuel, ammunition, pistols, and weapons. These goods are considered harmful and can not be transported in your car.

You can pack up your car with your items that you need to send all together. Nevertheless, it is essential to know which things you ought to take and which items you should stay clear of loading.





Transport Car Dangerous ItemsThis may seem reasonably obvious, but you would be surprised what some customers leave in their vehicles.

We will not carry or otherwise handle Dangerous Items, including, but not limited to, dangerous goods, weapons, firearms, ammunition, petrol and fuel, LPG/propane cylinders, or any other item that we reasonably believe to be dangerous.


Transporting a car with perishable goods

Perishable-GoodsAnother no-no, if there is any chance that transport is delayed you can guarantee it will be in a vehicle that someone in their wisdom has decided to leave last weeks groceries in the boot, so please no perishables


Moving Pot Plants and live item

Plant TransportAgain we hope that this is reasonably obvious, there is some quarantine restriction on moving plants any, and yet they will perish stuck in a locked car that is being transported across the country, so no Gladioli or any other type of plants, please.


A bit of common sense and courtesy

Remove Rubbish From Car Prior To TransportNo rubbish. We realise that often people moving a car interstate are also moving home themselves and everything is one mad rush, but take 10 min to clean out any rubbish or loose items floating around the cars, this is more to ensure something does not smell even worse at delivery than it did at collection, but also means that nothing of importance is adrift in the car.


The following rules are specific to your quote.


  • Goods are to be securely packed in appropriate removalist boxes or suitcases – We recommend standard removalist boxes or suitable airline suitcases
  • All boxes/suitcases are to be left in the boot of the vehicle or back of station wagon. If your car is a station wagon or similar, nothing is allowed above the rear window to obstruct rear view mirror site
  • Boxes cannot exceed 60kg in total
  • If goods are not packed in boxes or suitcases according to our requirements, we will refuse to transport your vehicle
  • You bear all risk of loss or damage to personal items left in the car and damage caused to the vehicle by having personal effects in the motor vehicle


Comprehensive insurance on transport

This is already included in price quoted based on value under $60,000.00

Extended Warranty

Warranty is only for physical loss or damage. An additional charge will be levied for the extended warranty as follows:

1. WARRANTY: The Car Carrying Company  warrants:

(a) to deliver the vehicle to the location identified in this consignment note in the same condition that the vehicle was delivered to the The Car Carrying Company.

You agree that The Car Carrying Company will not be liable for the condition of the vehicle if that vehicle has not been collected from The Car Carrying Company within 30 days of delivery; and (b) that if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within a reasonable time or totally written off The Car Carrying Company will pay the market value of the vehicle or, if the vehicle is damaged, the cost of repairs of the vehicle, up to the chosen limit of liability.

If the vehicle has been stolen or deemed to be totally written off and payment is made, you agree that The Car Carrying Company shall have the full salvage rights to that vehicle or if that vehicle is later found The Car Carrying Company shall have full ownership rights over that vehicle.

2. EXCLUDING: (a) Pre-existing damage (b) Hail damage (c) Insect damage (d) Bird or bat droppings (e) Isolated stone chips (f) Loss or damage to personal effects left in the vehicle and/or damage caused to the vehicle by having personal effects in the motor vehicle (g) Loss or damage to the vehicle other than whilst in the care, custody and control of The Car Carrying Company (h) Mechanical or electrical derangement and; (i) Force Majeure Event.

3. AUTOMATIC: $77.00 inclusive of GST up to the vehicles current market value or $60,000 whichever is the lesser.

4. ADDITIONAL: $3.30 inclusive of GST per additional $1,000 value above $60,000.

5. EXCESS: Nil warranty excess.

6. AVERAGE: Warrant is to be for full value of the vehicle. If value under declared by more than 20% then averaging will apply.

7. WARRANTY: To be submitted within (2) days of delivery.

8. PAYMENT REQUESTS: In the event that you make a Warranty claim in accordance with clause 9, we will conduct an investigation and at our discretion we will either: (i) Undertake such repairs ourselves through our repairers, with all costs borne by us; Or (ii) Settle the claim direct with yourself for such amount as determined by that investigation.


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